Analysis API Use cases

Analysis API

The alpha Analysis API lets you run custom rules on email messages for the following use cases:

Use caseDescription
Triage reported phishDetect contact impersonation, homoglyph attacks, and more
Analyze custom email feedsDetect phishing attacks and draw insights on your own custom email feeds (see "mail source integrations" below for more information)

Sublime platform


Coming soon

You can request early access to the Sublime Platform.

Use caseDescription
Business Email CompromiseDetect executive and employee impersonation, vendor account compromise, invoice fraud, and other targeted phishing attacks
Credential phishingDetect credential phishing attacks
MalwareDetect attachment malware

Mail source integrations

The alpha Analysis API currently does not support easy integration with live external mail sources like Gmail, G Suite, or Office 365 for on-going analysis. That means you'll need a way to "bring your own emails", whether it's user-reported phish, phishing tools like Cofense, Postfix, honeypots, or by building your own integration with your email provider.

Soon we'll be releasing the Sublime Platform, which enables many other use cases and includes a dashboard, advanced capabilities like historical graph properties, hunt, and easy integrations for IMAP, G Suite, and Office 365 environments.

You can request early access to the Sublime Platform.