How to set up a custom domain

If you've deployed the Sublime Platform via our AWS CloudFormation deployment, it's simple to set up a custom domain for your instance, such as

  1. In the AWS console, navigate to the same region in which you deployed the Sublime Platform
  2. Request a public certificate for the custom domain you want to use through AWS Certificate Manager
  3. In the EC2 interface, locate the Sublime-Platform-ALB load balancer CloudFormation created for you and add the certificate you created to the load balancer's HTTPS listener
  4. Create a CNAME DNS record pointing your custom domain to the load balancer's DNS name (which should start with Sublime-Platform-ALB-)
  5. Copy the ARN for the certificate you set in step (4). Navigate to AWS Systems Manager and then Parameter Store. Select the /sublime-security/self-signed-acm-certificate-for-sublime-platform parameter and click Edit. Replace the current value with the ARN of your new certificate and Save Changes.

That's it!