Move to Spam


Move to Spam is an Action that moves messages from the inbox to the spam or junk folder, depending on your email provider.

Move to Spam is available for both Core and Enterprise users! Enterprise users often pair Move to Spam with a Warning Banner Action on Rules to automatically handle spam/graymail, while Core users often use Move to Spam to place potentially suspicious messages in an accessible "holding spot".

Add Move to Spam to Rules for automated blocking

  1. Click "Detection" or “Triage” in the left nav of your Dashboard
  2. Click on the Rule you wish to add the action to, opening the detail view for this Rule
  3. Click "Edit" or "Edit Metadata" in the top right of this detail view
  4. Click the "Actions" dropdown and select your Move to Spam Action
  5. Click "Save Rule"

Apply Move to Spam via API

  1. Leverage our reviewMessageGroups API
  2. Pass in move_to_spam in the actions parameter
  3. Fill out the remaining required fields
  4. Make your API call 💻